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Wine Conditioning

Wine needs to be matured under precise conditions; once you have the correct wine storage equipment, you can store your wine for any length of time. Wine Corner have a full range of wine conditioning equipment to suit all spaces, including standalone units for wine rooms or integrated systems for dedicated wine cellars.

Wine Storage Conditions

Wine is a very delicate drink, and if you don t provide the correct conditions, the flavour will start to spoil and deteriorate rapidly. Not only is this a disaster for the quality of the wine, but it's could also be a significant financial loss, particularly for commercial businesses. Here the conditions your wine deserves while in storage;  

Humidity should remain at the acceptable levels.

The temperatures in the wine rack should remain constant.

The wine should not be exposed to direct bright light.

You should ensure there is minimal movement of the wine.

Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine Corner are proud suppliers of a range of efficient and reliable wine conditioning units. They are suitable for wine cellars up to 100 cubic metres in volume. They are designed to be as silent as possible, minimising the disturbance to your property. Our units are built with high-quality materials to ensure their reliability. Regular servicing is not required, and there are minimal maintenance and ongoing costs. We recommend cleaning the filter every three months and replacing every 12. Wine Corner readily stock a full range of replacement parts if required.

Our cooling units can be supplied as a standalone unit to condition a well-insulated room of any size effortlessly. For those who would prefer to maintain the design integrity, we have a range of a discreet, integrated unit which provides the same practicality without distracting from the design.

integrated wine conditioning unit
wine conditioning unit
standalone wine conditioning unit
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