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The design of a wine cellar will determine how functional it really can be. By careful planning of the space available, it also allows specialist designers to maximise the efficiency. People are often surprised by the expansive space they can use in a home wine cellar.

completed wine cellar design

For the dedicated collector, a well-conditioned wine cellar is one of the most valuable commodity. Not only is it an ideal location to house the entire collection, but you can also ensure that they are kept in the best condition possible to allow the flavour and aroma to develop. Wine connoisseurs are sure to find something they love about the wine cellar.  

Each wine variety has its own needs specified by the winemaker or the vintner. Ideal temperature will be listed for different wine varieties on the market. The conditions of the wine cellar need to be carefully monitored before stocking wine bottles, including manipulating the humidity and levels of light. Change the position of wine bottles from time to time as well. Proper storage habits will help the wine bottles last for a longer amount of time.  

Consider the price tag for building a great wine cellar. Many owners consider the investment to be well worth it in the long run. After all, a bottle of wine is only as good as the storage conditions. Some wine needs to age to reach a full state of maturity If you are passionate about developing your wine to its maximum potential, a bespoke wine cellar is a fantastic investment. 

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