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Where To Keep Wine

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  • 13-08-2018
Where To Keep Wine

Where should I keep my wine bottles?

Although the precise ideal temperture for storing wine is an ongoing debate, it can generally be agreed that wine is best kept in dark rooms, within an acceptable range of moisture and temperature. Traditionally, there is no better place to store your wine collection than a purpose-built wine cellar.

You can improvise the basement with simple racks if one does not have a cool basement which can double like a cellar. You need to eliminate the kitchen boiler area and even laundry place where there are high temperatures which could affect the wine. You need to find a location where the window does not shine light on the wine rack.

You can also purchase a wine cooler unit and apply the same principle of keeping the wine in an area that is not directly in contact with sunlight. Little used closed area or any other vacant storage room that can be used in storing wine if one has a suitable dark room which is spacious and not too damp or too dry.

wine rack installed

You might invest in standalone cooling which is made specifically for wine, or small cheaper systems which are designed for chilling drinks. If you are serious about your collection, professional wine storage is the only solution to ensure the perfect condition for your wine. 

If you are considering upgrading the storage conditions, use how much you spent on the wine storage last year as a guideline. If the cost of the cooling system represents 25% less than the budget of the wine, it is better to reconsider it to protect the one's investment. The other piece of advice is that the bottle capacity should be double whatever number you are considering- once you have a habit of looking for wine, you'll be surprised how quickly that collection grows.

What should you consider when buying a wine cooler?

The coolers used in wine storage are standalone units which are designed to keep and maintain low and continuous temperature. During service, it's better to serve wine chilled than at their storage temperature. The wine cellar is mainly an entire room or a cabinet dedicated to keep the wine in an optimal condition which is suitable for its long-term storage. 

Inside the wine cellar, a theomostat carefully maintain a steady temperature and humidity levels, with additional means to keep the light and vibration away. Units differ according to how to often you need to access the bottles.

wine wall unit

You need to consider the shape of the bottle inside and whether their sizes fit in the racks. The door of the cooler needs to be taken care of as it is important to protect the wine from light contact. The cooler door can be used to view the wine bottles if the glass is clear. 

The door should open on the correct side when you are placing the wine. Some cooler unit’s doors are not reversible while some have locks and alarms.

Most of the expensive cooler units have various temperature zones which can maintain the ideal temperature for different types of wine- for example, white wines require a cooler storage temperature than reds. Control of humidity is also important to avoid drying the cork or letting moisture seep through. Once the wine is in the cooler, try not to disturb it often as the warm air from the room will affect the wine, even for a few brief seconds.