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Wine Corner

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Maintenance and Repairs

Wine Corner are immensely proud of our practical and reliable wine storage solutions. Over the years we have designed and built wine cellars for clients throughout the country. In the unlikely event of a mechanical/electrical fault, you can count on our rapid response engineers to remedy the problem right away.

Whether you have a dedicated wine cellar with all the conditioning equipment, a small integrated wine cabinet or a standalone wine room, regular care and maintenance can help it look after your wine. The correct and favourable temperature for the wine must be maintained, and only fully working equipment can ensure this. 

Cleaning and replacing filters at regular intervals is the bulk of the maintenance due to the robust build quality of the units. Regular replacement of filters may be a requirement to maintaining any warranties. Replacement filters can be purchased from Wine Corner and delivered to UK mainland.

However, if you encounter any electrical/mechanical faults, our repair engineers will be on site at the earliest time possible to minimise the disruption to your property. This service is available whether your unit is under warranty or not. Simply call 01302 744916 to arrange a repair visit.


You should not attempt to fix the issue on your own unless you have received adequate training in repairing any related equipment. You may make the problem worse than you found it. Moreover, you void any warranties and put yourself in danger. 

You should not touch any bare wires or handle wires using wet hands or objects. The shock delivered may destroy the conditioner, start a fire and cause serious injuries.