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Luxury Wine Cellar Design

To age wine in the right way, you need to have the perfect humidity and temperature maintained in your space. We specialise in Luxury Wine Cellar Design. We can create a bespoke wine cellar for wine storage in your home or business. It doesn't matter if you are planning your wine cellar design in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, the options for a perfect design is virtually limitless. 

Traditionally, producing wine has been best done in wine cellars that were usually in the basement of the property. It was done in wooden barrels where it was a continuous process with multiple functions. Today's wine lovers have brought a new definition for the wine cellar. If you have a small collection of wine that you want to be a part of your interior, the best way to go about is to have a wine cellar designed on your property. The stunning designs are sure to impress your guests. 

Bespoke Wine Cellar Design

If you have a small space and would want to store wine, it is common to design a small wine cellar these days. Wine Corner can convert your closet or pantry to create a stunning wine cellar. We have a range of standalone conditioning units which can easily acclimatise a small, well-insulated space for wine storage. Our bespoke wine racks can help maximise the efficiency of the space and store a surprisingly generous amount of bottles.

completed wine cellar in kitchen

The ideal humidity level is between 50-70%. It is a good idea to invest in a humidifier if you suspect the air to dry out in the room. If the humidity remains too low for an extended period, it will dry the cork and may allow air to seep in and prematurely oxidise the wine. The ideal temperature to store wine is a long debated topic. While the exact temperature has never been agreed, the range is universally accepted as between 11-14 degrees Celsius. Do not worry if the storage is a couple of degrees more or less as long as you open the bottles within a few years. Rather, emphasis should be placed on avoiding temperature fluctuations as it could spoil the wine.

Wine Corner are specialists in providing a tailored design for wine cellars of all sizes. Whether you need a full conversion or layout design and providing equipment, you can count on our comprehensive range of services to work to your specification, time frame and budget.