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Wine Cellar Consultation

A wine cellar can be described as a specialised storage room for your wine in barrels and bottles. In a busy wine cellar, it's crucial to maintain factors such as humidity and standard temperatures by use of a reliable conditioning system. Talk to us today for bespoke luxury wine cellar consultation.

It is not an easy task to build a good wine cellar and all that is needed. For this reason, a good cellar consultant will help you by educating and informing you about all the necessary details about wine cellar. This is a great way of making you better equipped as well as make the required decision along all along. 

Wine Corner have over 50 years combined experience in producing bespoke wine cellars for clients all over the country. From private collectors to restaurants and hotels, for collections of all sizes. We will carefully discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored design which maximises your potential of the space available. 

Design Consultations

There are several firms offering wine cellar and consulting services. However, it is only advisable for you to go for the one with the best benefits to reap. Look for the factors described below: 

  Specialists should have vast experience as well as expertise with all the needed information on investing and managing a wine collection business. 

  The offered recommendations and suggestions by these consultants should be adequately knowledgeable to meet your needs efficiently, all your desires and still be within your budget. 

  A good wine cellar consultation service will be flexible enough to offer custom services that will meet all you need. In this regard, look for one that is purely tailored to meet your requirements, not a general one. 

One of our specialist designers will always conduct a site visit and discuss your ideas and potential designs, ensuring that it's tailored to your specifications. We can additionally provide custom wine racking and wine conditioning units to provide a complete solution.

wine cellar design consultation
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