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Are you Thinking about Home Wine Cellar Design? We offer luxury wine storage basement ideas for homes and businesses in Doncaster and throughout the UK. With over 50 years of combined experience, you can expect the team at Wine Corner to provide you with a bespoke solution to storing and maturing your wine for you to enjoy at the time of your choice. We have worked with private collectors and businesses in the hospitality sector such as restaurants and hotels. Regardless of the size of your collection, we are confident to have a solution for you.

wine cellar design bespoke wine cellar design

Bespoke Wine Cellars

"To age like wine" is a common expression to showcase that something has aged well throughout the years. However, a lot more goes into storing wine than what you would have believed. Storing wine is more than just putting it on a shelf and never seeing it ever again. While it isn't an exact science, we are here to make sure that it's one less factor to worry about when you are serving to your customers or yourself. 

All wine lovers know that wine is fragile and extremely sensitive to its environmental conditions. The best way to store wine is universally agreed as a well-conditioned wine cellar. The term “wine cellar” was coined because the optimal climate was typically found in basements. Dark, chilled and not too damp, they often provided the perfect conditions before the advances of technology greatly enhanced the flexibility of wine storage. Unfortunately, the “perfect basement” is hard to come by nowadays, much less modern houses which do not even have basements.

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room available- underground or otherwise- Wine Corner have the expertise to create the ideal wine storing solution for you. Our wine cellar design package is suitable for private collections and commercial businesses all over the UK to maximise the potential of your space and your collection. From the initial consultation, our experienced designers will work closely with you on your budget and specifications. If required, we can provide a one-stop solution from design to the complete conversion, including project management to ensure the project adheres to any time and budget constraints.

Wine Storage Solutions 

When it comes to wine storage solutions, there is a great rate of flexibility depending on your circumstances. How many bottles of wine do you need to store? Do you require short-term storage before a dinner party next week, or are you a connoisseur who want to maximise the potential in your collection and let the flavour of the wine develop and mature over a long period?

Whatever your needs, Wine Corner are the specialists who can provide a tailored wine storage solution for your home or business. We have experience in projects of all sizes and nature, and over the years we have installed wine cellars, bespoke wine racks and wine cabinets in properties up and down the UK. 

wine cabinet

Wine Cabinets
Our wine cabinets are suitable for those who don't have the luxury of a dedicated space to house their collection. We have a vast array of cabinet configurations available to strike the perfect balance between displaying and storing your wine efficiently.

wine wall

Wine Wall
Wine Corner is proud to be the exclusive supplier of this unique, modular wine storage solution in the UK. They can be customised to your storage requirements and available in a range of finishes to suit your existing decor. 

wine cellar

Wine Cellar
If you have a dedicated basement to house your collection, a specialised wine cellar is by far the optimal long-term storage solution. Wine Corner are experts in helping you achieve a reliable climate to store and mature your wine, regardless of the size of your collection.

wine racks

Wine Racks
Whether you have a dedicated wine room or cellar, there are seldom less impressive than a bespoke wine rack. Our wooden wine racks are built to fit an individual space and maximise the efficiency of the area available. 

Wine Storage Room Design

Any room can be transformed into your private wine room where you can store your wine collection. From basements to a spare bedroom, the wine room of your dreams is only a contact away. A wine room offers the perfect solution for your home wine cellar design. Wine Corner are passionate about wine storage room design and are experienced in providing all the equipment which makes it possible. We specialise in producing bespoke storage solutions for our customers, including wine cellar design, conversions and bespoke wine racks to suit your collections, no matter the size. 

wine cellar conditioning unit

Wine Cellar Conditioners

The temperature for storing wine needs to be carefully monitored. The average temperature of a domestic refrigerator is too cold for the wine to develop and mature. If there are no alternatives possible, you can store wine in the fridge for a short period without affecting the flavour. 

For long-term storage, the temperature range should ideally be between 11-14 degrees. Of course, the important task of keeping your wine at the correct temperature falls on a reliable wine cellar conditioning unit.

Wine Corner stocks a wide range of wine cellar conditioners to ensure the ideal climate for your collection. They are designed to be as energy efficient as possible with minimal noise. Our conditioning units can be integrated as part of the wine cellar design, or as standalone units to easily convert any well-insulated room into a dedicated wine storage room.

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Luxury Wooden Wine Rack 

If you have a dedicated collection, there's little more impressive than a fitted wine rack to store and display your collection. We specialise in providing bespoke wooden wine racks for storing wine the way that you want. Our wooden wine racks are made from solid wood and available in a range of finishes, including pine stained oak and cherry. 

If you run a restaurant or a hotel, we can build the wooden wine rack that accommodates the size needed to serve wine to your guests. Our wine racks are not only practical to preserve your wine, but it's also aesthetically pleasing and adds a touch of class and luxury to your property. Because they are made to order, you can be sure of a secure fitting which maximises the space available.

bespoke wine rack wooden wine rack

Bespoke Wine Rack Design 

We understand that every collector's home or commercial business has different dimensions. Because of this, we offer custom-fitted bespoke wine racks to maximise the space and the potential of your collection.

Our bespoke racks are initially designed to fit the average wine bottle. However, we can make the required changes to fit special-sized bottles of wine for you, such as Magnum, Dom Perignon bottles. We can also tailor for other size and shaped bottles to place your wine bottle reliably on the wine rack. Our wine racks are built to order from a range of solid wood, including oak and cherry. We can design the lattice and shelves to suit crate storage and allow for prominent displays, even incorporating a central wine serving station.

Wine Cellar Doors 

Wine cellar doors are often the overlooked heroes of a successful wine cellar. In order to maintain the optimal climate for long-term wine storage, a suitable wine cellar door can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of the conditioning unit and in the long term, become cost-effective. 

At Wine Corner we have a range of designs which are made to your specifications to ensure a secure fit. From classic solid wood to stylish glass to display your collection, all of our doors are sufficiently insulated to maintain the ideal temperature range for your collection. There is also a range of finishes available to match the overall design aesthetics of your wine cellar. Call us today to discuss your home wine cellar design options.